TOP 45 Instagram Post Ideas For Business Grow in Social Media

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TOP 45+ Instagram Post Ideas For Business [Grow in Social Media]

Instagram is such a powerful social media platform that really offers tons of options for building and sustaining long-term and trustful relationships with your target audience. It has different features which help people and brands to convert their followers into consumers. That is why it is crucial not only to decide what to post on Instagram but also what kind of content to produce.

Creating worthy content is one of the best ways a business can grow through Instagram. But what type of content works best on Instagram? We’ve put up a list of IG post ideas for business with visual examples, so you could see what works best for different successful businesses on Instagram (whether you have an eCommerce store, physical store, or sell services). You’ll learn how to present engaging content for your audience, advertise your products and services, and attract more buyers with this list.

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List of Instagram Post Ideas for Stores and Services

We are one step from showing you multiple Instagram post ideas and it’s up to you to decide whether to choose just a few of them or ALL. Having a mix of Instagram post ideas for business in your account is as essential as presenting worthy content.

Remember that one of the forms of content presentation can emphasize the idea while the other one can devalue the information. Our tips and advice will clarify how most of the IG post ideas can contribute to your social media goals. Your Instagram posts should increase engagement, build your brand, and provide diversity while being unique.

  1. “Introduction” post
  2. Real-life post (show personal aspects)
  3. Your business’s story post
  4. Your involvement in charitable causes
  5. Promotion content
  6. Product/service update post
  7. Upcoming events
  8. Special moments captures
  9. Future ideas post
  10. Seasonal content
  11. Current event contribution
  12. Goals post
  13. “Schedule” post
  14. Hack/tip no one knows
  15. Inspirational quotes
  16. Trending products post
  17. “Spotlight” post
  18. Customer’s journey
  19. Behind-the-scenes
  20. Brand’s related story content
  21. Your biggest mistakes
  22. Your latest failure post
  23. Cross-promotion
  24. Your day in brief
  25. X reasons to do smth
  26. Top X tools to use
  27. Comparison post
  28. FQA post
  29. Post of Advice
  30. Controversial topic
  31. Tutorials
  32. Post for comments
  33. Before and after post
  34. Meme post
  35. Expectation VS reality
  36. Discount/offer
  37. “Encourage to tag” post
  38. Online offline store
  39. Online shopping
  40. Influencer’s collabs content
  41. Collaboration plus interview
  42. Contests and giveaways post
  43. “Let’s meet” post
  44. Long-form content promotion
  45. Content repurposing
  46. Old post rewriting
  47. Reposting posts

1. Tell or Re-tell about Yourself

It’s a common thing to remind your followers who they are looking at. Actually, it’s recommended to tell about yourself in a post or a video which you add as a post and in future, you will easily help your newcomers to get to know you. The ways of retelling are numerous and depend on the stage at which your business is. For example:

  • You have just opened a business, for example, an eCommerce shop, and you post about yourself, and your brand and tell more information in stories;
  • You save your stories in the highlights, so in the future, all newbies will find additional information about you and your brand without spending much time on the search;
  • When you have thousands of subscribers and get many DMs with a request to tell more about yourself, you can cut a DM with one of such questions and attach your old post about yourself. This way you will always increase the views and other post criteria.
  • Of course, there might be a few posts about yourself, updated according to your life changes. Posts will complement each other and give a bigger and brighter picture of who you are.

one of the instagram post ideas for businesses to tell

People love interacting with real people, not soulless pictures. Show who stands behind the brand, and tell your story. A person can replace 100 books with exciting stories and where a man sees nothing remarkable in his life, a stranger may see a chance, decision, solution, advice, and an endless list of things.

2. Share Aspects of Your Personal Life

We are all people. And the next Instagram post idea for businesses is to share this aspect of your life. Even though some brands you look at and think they are gods or wonderful sellers, designers, influencers, etc – they are still people and we all have something to learn from them. NOT TO COMPARE! But to learn. Share with your audience that you are a real person from blood and bones, that you have (or not) a family, routine, and life besides work or hobby.

We are all people and it’s always a great idea to show how you combine your different life-roles and be sure sometimes people just wonder so much about who you are behind your business.

Elenfhant is a kid’s boutique, the store’s IG page is filled with hundreds of goods for kid’s photos in a good resolution, in the same color gamma, but it’s so cute to see the owner’s daughter on a post in honor of her birthday.

23 Things to Post on Instagram

Everybody likes free stuff. That is why marketers often turn to contests and giveaways to get some surefire engagement. It is a great way to grow your audience size and get some attention to your merchandise.

Personal care and retail brands heavily use this format to entice their customers with their products. The contest format subtly creates a desire for the product among their target audience. When you have to win something, it becomes something coveted and valuable.

Chart 1

Tarte’s giveaway post was published on the 9th. Between the 8th and 11th of January, they added 62,344 followers. It also brought in the most number of likes and comments that month.

Given such lucrative returns, you might want to try your hand at running a contest. This 10-step guide can get you started. You might want to get on that right away though. In the coming months, it has to be seen if Instagram will start penalizing the use of this format. Facebook has already put in place a system to discourage the use of engagement bait, or asking for engagement outright.

The Top Types of Engaging Content You Can Share on Instagram

Social media is all about the content you’re sharing on the platforms. If you want to keep your followers engaged and boost your brand, you’ll have to get serious about the content mix, what you’re posting, and how often you switch between the content categories.

Feel free to have fun when posting and alternate between designs to keep your audience excited. Now, let’s explore in detail some concrete examples and Instagram post ideas that you can use for each type of content!

Promotional Instagram Post Ideas & Examples

Without getting overly promotional, you have to get your audience’s attention towards your offerings. After all, that’s what’s going to make them buy and try out your products, which will, in turn, boost your revenue. Therefore, the first category of the content we’ll explore is promotional posts.

Promotional content aims to drive your audience’s attention towards your products and services. In fact, Instagram allows brands to create shoppable posts to help customers make a purchase much faster. You can add product tags on images and lead your followers directly to your store.

1. Create a Weekly Series for Your Products and Services

A weekly series of a product or service is similar to a Throwback-Thursday post because it repeats every week on a certain day. These types of posts drive curiosity and anticipation in your audience’s minds and make them connect to your brand on a personal level.

promotional instagram post

2. Share User-Generated Content

User-generated content mainly consists of anything related to your brand that’s coming from your followers, customers, and other members of your community. UGC stands out from other posts due to its credible source: real customers.

When your customers post on Instagram about your brand, showcase their post by featuring them on your profile, as it shows that you value their input. User-generated content is social proof that your brand has built a community of happy customers.

Influencer marketing is also a practice that relies on recommendations. So, if you gave an influencer campaign planned in the near future, try to generate as much UGC as you can from your collaborators.

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3. Post a Sneak Peek

Much like weekly series, sneak peeks boost anticipation. Let your customers know that you’re working restlessly to come up with new and exciting products or services, and that you’ll be sharing everything with them as soon as it’s ready. However, for the time being, you can only offer a demo version or a sneak peek of the ongoing process.

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4. Offer Vouchers and Discount Codes

A great post idea for your Instagram feed is to offer your followers some benefits of being part of your social media community. By giving them exclusive access to your products and helping them save money by shopping from you, you’ll surely get one step ahead of other brands which might not do the same.

social media exclusive deal

5. Post Video Product Tutorials

Tutorials are a great way to feature product videos or use multiple photos at once. When you go into detail about how people can benefit from your offerings and explain how they can use your products in their life, the chances of them buying from you grow so much more!

Therefore, create posts in which you detail ways to use a product you offer or recreate a situation, a look, or anything related to your brand that can be of use to your Instagram followers through Instagram videos.

How to video tutorial on instagram

Fun & Interactive Instagram Post Ideas

From pics of cute animals to relatable memes, sharing struggles from running a business, doing pop quizzes, and offering exciting updates about upcoming events, everything that’s fun or interactive falls in this category.

1. Host a Giveaway

Instagram giveaways are a great way to spark curiosity, boost engagement, and attract followers, as everybody loves to receive free items in exchange for a few simple tags and double-tap.