It is acceptable to refuse an assignment when the student has been involved in a natural calamity such as an accident making him not be physically fit to do the work. (Chowney, 2016) It is also acceptable for the student to refuse to do an assignment when the assignment itself does not make any sense to the student due to errors, therefore he will have to consult with the teacher about it.

The nurse’s duty when a patient confides the desire to self-harm is to sit down with the patient and do her level best in advising the patient to see life in a positive way and avoid harming himself. A nurse can also talk to the colleagues who are more experienced and share ideas on how to adequately help the patient, by most suitably putting herself in the shoes of the patient and imagine herself in the same situation.(“[PPT] Habit 6 Of Highly Effective People Stephen Covey”, 2016)

Healthcare a right to every individual because we are living in a world full of life threatening diseases hence require healthcare to fight it. It is the objective of every medical practitioner to put their heads together to come up with the best solutions for providing healthcare to the ones in need for a better and safer society. Without healthcare, the survival of the human race is imminent hence human beings must have healthcare so as to survive.

When a nurse’s personal values are in conflict with those of the patient, she should apply reason and think carefully with the aid of a trusted colleague, to come up with the best solutions that are going to leave the two parties both satisfied with the outcome. The two can also sit and discuss so as to come up with the best and neutral solutions that are going to benefit both of them.