The Prefects Board of Prince of Wales College gives it fullest co-operation in school administration. The main duty of the Prefects’ Board is to maintain discipline among the students. Prefectship gives a child immense support to gather experience and human qualities in leadership, responsibility, collectivity,to take the initiative and make correct decisions in order to face the challenges of the future.

The present Prefects Board consists of a large number of senior and junior prefects. It is an honour and a blessing to have a set of prefects like them who guide the students in every possible way to follow the correct path. Besides the Prefects Board is responsible for organizing the annual Teacher’s Day, the Prefect’s Day and work shops for the prefects. In 2007, they undertook an important project; to renovate the Prefect’s room.

During the period of the Big Match between Prince of Wales College and St. Sebastian’s College the prefects Board plays a main role in maintaining discipline and providing security services.

The Prefects’ Board consisting of students who are humble and obedient set an example to the other students and they give their fullest support to the Principal and the staff.

The prefects have rendered a great service with loyalty and dedication. Hence the school can be sure of a better future. The present Prefects Board remembers all the prefects who were there in the past with gratitude for setting up good examples.