4 Best Ways to Beat Exam Anxiety

Exam anxiety is a kind of performance nervousness where fear of failure can lead to symptoms that hinder your capability to do well in an exam situation. Before a test, anybody can feel a bit nervous.

However, if you are going through test anxiety, you may have some signs such as diarrhea, headache, nausea, light-headedness, and shortness of breath. If not careful, you may suffer a panic attack, making it difficult to breathe or even feel like you are suffering from a heart attack. These are the things I worry about whenever I need to write my paper.

Feelings of fear, anger, and helplessness are other indications of exam anxiety, as are comparing yourself to others and having negative thoughts.

If you experience test anxiety, there are several coping ways that you can adopt. Below are some tips that help me cope with stress.

  • I Would Watch What I Say To Myself Before I Write My Paper

When performance declines because of exam anxiety, it can be easy to have negative thoughts. Be careful of what you are telling yourself and substitute any negative opinion with encouraging ones.

Be aware of negative thoughts going through your mind and instead dispute them with logic.

Moreover, if I need an expert to write paper for me whenever I am having negative thoughts, I just go for the best sites. Tell yourself that you are well prepared and that there is no hurry. You are not unwise.

  • Prepare Well

Having confidence that you are well prepared to do your exam will help soothe your nerves during the exam. You should avoid cramming for an exam because it will increase your anxiety to the extent that you forget everything that you learned. Instead, do the following to give yourself the most excellent chance to ensure that you cover all the material provided:

  • Be a member of a study group
  • Read books regarding study skills.
  • Ask those friends that study regularly for advice.
  • Look for a study skills instructor.

In such a position, I would search for something to help me write my paper and prepare well. Finally, learn all that is expected about the exam or test in advance. Know the kinds of questions. Determine whether they are in essay form or multiple choices. This can help to guarantee that there will be no surprises at the last minute.

  • I Relax And Breathe Before I Write My Paper

Keep inhaling and exhaling for a count of 10. While doing this, you will receive more oxygen, hence relaxing you and aid in reactivating your memory. You can as well try flexing your feet muscles by holding for a count of five and then relaxing. Look for a place that you are more comfortable.

  • Get enough sleep

Enjoy your sweet rest the night before the exam. Avoid cramming and staying up late, taking caffeine. You are more likely to feel irritable and tired on the day of the exam. Instead, ensure that you sleep early and wake up early so that you have enough time to get to the exam room. You can as well go through the main points before the test. Sit in a position that is free from disruption.


When you are done with the paper, reward yourself for trying. Avoid discussing the test with your friend or alone. There is no point in stressing since you cannot change the answers.

By putting into practice these tips, you will overcome nervousness while sitting for your exam. Facing exam anxiety will also help you learn stress management. Always remember to breathe and take control of what you can. Most importantly, do not forget that a single exam does not define you as a person or a student.