Prince of Wales'


Message of the principal

One of the basic principles of education is to produce a patriotic citizen. A child with knowledge, attitudes and skills should be produced in the institution of school to achieve the basic principal of achieve the above target.

Being the principal of Prince of Wales College, it is one of my responsibilities and I have understood it by giving the leadership of producing a better child for a society.

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Since the inception of the school in 1876, Prince of Wales' College has been considered as a major school in Moratuwa area and over the years, established its name as a leading school in Sri Lanka. Over the years, Prince of Wales' College has provided the society with countless men of great calibre whom we are happy to say have served both, their school and the country alike....

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"To be a distinctive facilitator in empowering the learners with compassion and wisdom to revitalize all facets of life" is our vision.


Our mission is to effect quality teaching and learning environment where Cambrians would move forth step by step in the competency based pedagogical process which is founded on national goals and on the theme, "I serve. I value your service�, developing their calibre for the well-being of the community.